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Why is it worth going to Fantastic night?

1. Feel the atmosphere of a winter fairy tale.
2. Spend time with the whole family.
3. Inspire the story and look forward to the New Year.

Fantastic night - New Year's musical for the whole family!

A magical winter story about a boy who does not believe in the New Year! It would seem that one couldn’t find faith in a miracle if it weren’t for one case ... Once in the city of Santa, the boy gets to know the same guys as he ... The situations the protagonist goes through make him wonder more and more: “Maybe a miracle -so there? ”.

Will the boy be able to believe in magic and wizardry, you will learn on December 23 at the premiere of the musical!

Unforgettable atmosphere of a fabulous show will be created for you by bewitching scenery, fantastic lighting design, musical numbers, cool mood and acting of the main characters!

Give children and yourself an unforgettable New Year's tale!

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