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Theater of modern drama and comedy "U stolodi" and a puppet musical and drama theater for children "FARBIKI"

Dance-puppet show "Farbiki" is interesting and entertaining:

• bubble;
• LED color music;
• changing patterns on dolls' bodies;
• Incendiary dances, which actors learn with the audience;
• game with inflatable balls.

Dance-puppet show "Farbiki" was first presented to the viewer on June 2, 2015 at the "New" Studio.

The team successfully showed the show in a dozen of kindergartens, including the private children's school-garden "Evrolend" (also called "Ecoland"), the Kyanochka school-garden, the Kvitochka kindergarten.

Dance-puppet show "Farbiki" participated in the festivals "Mother's Day", "ShchosSlon", in Robotica Robotics Festival, "Fair of Good", festival of street art "Heaven fest".

Together with the charitable foundation "May-D", the dance-puppet show "Farbiki" was pleased with the performance of the children from the children's center "My Family".

The author of the idea, director, artist, composer, choreographer Olgerd Sampo.

The performance is designed for a children's age group of 1.5 years with parents.

The length of the performance is 40 minutes.

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