Festival of the "Most Odessa Performances"

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Festival of the "Most Odessa Performances"

In the distant 2008, in the minds of real Odessa people there was an idea of ​​creating a play for Odessa, precisely for Odessa. This is what Odessa residents of the 20th century used to say and so they continue to be told by those who are "in the subject", and the play "Bullies in Tomato" appeared, not just a performance, but a MUSICAL performance by Dejavu, a format that was not used before in any theater.

Since then, 10 years have passed, and various performances have been staged in Odessa, each performance has its own director's vision, its backbone, and we decided to show every year on the big stage, at the height of summer vacations, on the stage of the Air-conditioned hall of the Russian Drama Theater - the best performances, tested for years.

At the FIRST Festival of the Odessa Performances we will show you the Legendary " Bulls in Tomato "! 10 years on stage, 10 years old Anshlagov!

The play " Odessa at the Ocean " with the legendary gentleman Oleg Shkolnik in the title role.

The performance, which has been sold out for 5 years all over Ukraine and on the stage of "Theater Na Nezhinskaya" - " 7:40 or walk in Odessa " starring Aunt Sim and Yasha (Irina Tokarchuk and Yakov Gopp)

And also we will show a comedy-hurricane from Oleg Filimonov - " Hurricane named Odessa ", with the participation of Julia Skargi, a play which for six years already has been sold out on the stage of the Ukrainian Theater!

The organizers of the festival express special gratitude to the director of the Russian Theater Elena Shramko and the entire theater staff for all sorts of support in the preparation and holding of the festival.

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