Violet of Montmartre

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I. Kalman "Violet of Montmartre".

Behind the graceful romantic name of the operetta lies the story of bohemian life with its essential elements - a love triangle, money and adventurous adventures.

The plot is based on the realities of the life of famous artists: the poet Henri Murge, the artist Raoul Delacroix and the composer Florimon Herve. Fate does not spare the heroes, but they do not despair and believe that a happy future awaits them, as soon as Henri and Marcel write the triumphal operetta “Karambolina”, and Raoul is a magnificent portrait of his beloved Ninon.

In the operetta written by Marcel and Henri, Ninon prepares the main role, but suddenly for the sake of a secure future, she breaks off the premiere and runs off with her very wealthy patron. Instead, Violetta takes the stage - a beautiful, kind and sincere girl who sells violets in Paris in Montmartre ...

The performance “Violet of Montmartre” from the National Operetta will touch with a realistic sensual plot, will delight with the brightness of the original costumes of the characters and the complex scenery, amaze with enchanting vocals and exquisite choreography, improve the mood and leave unforgettable pleasant impressions.

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