Fixy Vacation at Sea

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Why it is worth going to the Fixy Vacation at Sea show?

1. The most crap licensed performance from the creators of the animated series!
2. Who has not dreamed at least once to visit the world of fixes, play, dance and sing your favorite fix pieces.
3. Get an incredible amount of positive emotions and have fun with your favorite characters!

Fixy SHOW “FIXY HOLIDAYS AT SEA”! New program!

Top rated cartoon characters Fiksiki, popular in more than 90 countries around the world, again invite everyone to plunge into the world of adventure!

Super popular interactive show in Russian!

This time you are waiting for new interesting adventures along with your favorite characters Simka, Nolik and, of course, with Genius Evgenievich Chudakov.

What do you know about fixes? What do they repair mechanisms, live in all devices and are afraid of people? Did you know that fixes like to play, dance, sing songs and have fun?

This is known to Genius Evgenievich Chudakov, a world-famous scientist. He invented a special machine for zooming, to acquaint all viewers with their favorite fixings! Simka with Nolik happily agree to take part in this experiment and become huge ...

Our heroes enjoy playing with the audience, competing with each other, dancing and singing fix pieces. But suddenly ... in all devices, in turn, energy disappears ... and, it seems, there will be no more fun ...

Learn how Simka with Nolik cope with the task, play with your favorite characters and get an incredible amount of positive emotions you can on "Fix-SHOW"!

The program is designed for children from 3 to 10 years. Duration - 45 minutes.

For kids up to 4 years of age admission is free (without providing a separate seat, the child sits in the arms of an adult).

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