Fixy Show. How DimDimych became Fixik

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Why go to the Fixy Show?

1. The most crap licensed performance from the creators of the animated series!
2. Who has not dreamed to visit the world of fixes at least once, to turn into little men and look at all the devices from the inside?
3. The cognitive plot is easily remembered by children.

Top rated cartoon characters Fixiki, popular in more than 90 countries of the world, again invite everyone to plunge into the world of technical adventures!

Dream DimDimycha and all viewers, finally, come true! Simka with Nolik reduced all viewers and invited them to their world! Funny puzzles, incendiary fixkey, dances and jokes.

But there is evil in the world of fixes ... For example, the computer virus Worm Two. He in every way prevents our heroes from having fun with the audience and even conceives a cunning plan ... But the fixers do not give up! And evil always conquers! Come find out about all the adventures of Dim Dimycha in the world of fixes on our “Fixy SHOW!”.

The cognitive plot is easily remembered by children, and the characters with the voices and faces of cartoon characters will not only take the kids to their favorite cartoon, but they can even convince their parents that everything is real.

The program is shown in Russian and is designed for children from 3 to 10 years. Duration - 1 hour. For kids up to 4 years old admission is free (accompanied by an adult, without providing a seat, the child sits on his hands).

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