French Kiss

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How to make everyone feel good?

The wife freed the evening for her lover, the Husband went on a supposedly business trip to her mistress, everything was planned, everything was closed. But it was not there! Suddenly, all seekers of love find themselves locked up for the whole weekend! Yes, and with the designer and plumber, which also complicate the situation. Now the heroes will have to try to do without victims, because jealousy is a terrible thing!

Performance by R. Houdon’s play "Panic"
Director Irina Malygina

Roles are performed by:
Roger - Maxim Danshin / Alexander Mironov
Clarice - Irina Malygina
Rodney - Gennady Svitich / Sergey Safronchik
Daisy - Evgenia Belova
Robert - Valery Stogniy / Bogdan Kolesnik
Bob - Vladimir Balen / Ruslan Miroshnichenko

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