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Why is it worth going to the play “French Kiss”?

1. Once again, make sure that fate sometimes throws us even those tests.
2. Laugh heartily at the adventures of the heroes of the play.
3. Enjoy the chic game of wonderful theater artists.

The brilliant comedy French Kiss.

The Millennium Theater in Kiev presents the magnificent comedy French Kiss based on the play Panik by the writer and playwright Robin Houdon. Do not miss the opportunity to spend the evening in the company of talented actors!

An unpredictable plot and a huge portion of humor in the play “French Kiss”.

In the center of events - husband and wife. Both are dodgy and both are infidels. She is waiting for a lover to visit. He, allegedly having left on a business trip, went to his mistress. Everything seems to be perfectly planned, without a hitch. But! Fate has its own plans.

And the search for love adventures turns into a real test for the heroes. All of them are forced to sit locked up on weekends. The company is doubtful: designer and plumber. And all would be nothing, but Mrs. Jealousy comes into her possession. Oh, it will be hard for them!

Director - Irina Malygina.

Roles are performed by: Maxim Danshin / Alexander Mironov, Irina Malygina, Gennady Svitich / Sergey Safronchik, Evgenia Belova, Valery Stogniy / Bogdan Kolesnik, Vladimir Balen / Ruslan Miroshnichenko.

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French Kiss

13 February 2020 19:00

Kyiv, Palace Ukraine (small hall)

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from 8 EUR

French Kiss

27 February 2020 19:00

Kyiv, Palace Ukraine (small hall)

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from 8 EUR