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Why is it worth going to the play "Closet" from Lena Kolyadenko and Freedom Ballet?

1. This fascinating action captures from the first seconds, as soon as artists appear in the hall.
2. Dramatic dialogues are replaced in the production of a tragic tango.
3. Movements of dancers are fascinated by their extravagance and harmony.

Freedom Ballet has long been a world name. For 15 years, this team has gathered an impressive track record. More than 5 thousand dance-theatrical author's shows, tours with a sold-out in dozens of countries, a vivid participation in the best television projects, shooting in a lot of clips of famous artists ...

It is logical that Freedom Ballet was and remains the leader among other dance groups in the country. Now they have prepared for us a new production called "Cupboard". As always, every movement of artists enchants from the first moment! And every step on the stage is not just a dance, but a whole life filled with passion, intrigue, improvisation, drama, beauty and love.

On stage will perform 14 dancers who fully experiment with music, plastic and light. Artists try on different images, turning into a farce any ritual. They embody a myriad of lives, never repeat themselves and will be frank with you to the limit. The goal of such an endless experiment is to know yourself so deeply that you can easily do without the usual mask.

But the spectator will become the main participant of their experiment. The one who settled in a comfortable room, looking at the illuminated scene. You are waiting for the performance without embellishment, false shame and hypocrisy. It will be interesting!

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