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Why it is worth going to FuckUp Nights Odessa?

1. FuckUp Nights Odessa - not a boring event.
2. 4 famous speakers will tell about their failures and failures, and how they coped with them.
3. Inspiration, motivation and positive - a guaranteed result of the evening.

Lately there have been too many motivational and training trainings, but, in truth, not all of them are useful. How much can you listen to, how do everyone boast about their successes? Tell us more about how you failed the project!

FuckUp Nights Odessa - what's the point?

One evening, four well-known entrepreneurs in their field come to one place and tell the story of their biggest failures before a living audience! Of course, it's hard to recognize your mistakes, so the whole match elegantly turns into a humorous story with a truthful conclusion. It can be anything: a loss of $ 100,000 for the implementation of a start-up, the sale of 5000 tickets at a room capacity of 3,000 people or holding 3-hour negotiations, by mistake, with other people.

People who go on stage FuckUp Nights, are not afraid to make mistakes and share their failures, as they say: "learn from mistakes"!

This is the international format of meetings that came to us from Mexico. Today the events take place on 5 continents, in 226 cities of 77 countries.

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