Harry Potter and the Secrets of Hogwarts

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Why go to Harry Potter and the Battle of Hogwarts?

1. Feel like a student at Hogwarts.
2. Feel the atmosphere of magic.
3. Harry Potter is a favorite story of several generations: come with the whole family.

Having met with your favorite characters, each viewer will be able to give vent to emotions, because only live you can understand what ridiculous dialogues and characters' characters, in particular, the well-known Dursleys family.

A bright acting game will be complemented by scenery, with the help of which right before the eyes of the public Hogwarts will be transformed in seconds into the Forbidden Forest, a playing field for Quidditch and a corridor with ghosts! Original music and songs specially written by composer Alexander Cherny will create an unusual atmosphere of a fairy tale that both children and adults will believe in.

Screenwriting and direction: Daniil Danilyuk - leading actor in the theatrical circus show “Dim Tammichnykh Fit”, stage director of the “X-Factor” project

The project producer is Oleg Horoshiy (general producer of the Star Time production center, co-producer of Yumorina, New Year on Dumskaya, City Day, producer of the musicals Dunno on the Moon, Main Christmas Tree, Fantastic Night) .

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