Harry Potter and the secrets of Hogwarts

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The musical "Harry Potter and the secrets of Hogwarts" - the most anticipated premiere of the year!

Producer of the project: Oleg Khoroshiy - General Producer of the Star Time Production Center, co-producer of Humorina, New Year on Dumskaya, Day of the City.

Scenario and direction: Daniil Danilyuk is the leading actor in the theatrical circus show “The Family Being Useful”, the director of the “X-Factor” project and Yuri Moiseenko - the director, the theater and stage artist, the director of the MEGACONCERT DZIDZIO “The Legends” .

Having met with your favorite characters, each viewer will be able to give free rein to emotions, because only in person you can understand what kind of funny dialogues and characters of characters, in particular, the well-known Dursley family.

There is no flaw in the magic that the Potter books and movies are full of in the musical. Magic sticks, shooting rays, spinning tables, flying brooms and books, transformations and disappearances will make you forget that you are on a theatrical performance. The cast of the musical is one of its strongest components, because the selection of participants took place in three casting rounds.

The bright acting game will be supplemented by the scenery created by STARLIGHT SCENERY, with which, right in front of the public, Hogwarts will be transformed in seconds into the Forbidden Forest, the playing field for Quidditch and the corridor with ghosts! Original music and songs specially written by the composer Alexander Cherny will create an unusual atmosphere of a fairy tale in which both children and adults will believe.

Project image partner: MARAMAX GROUP.

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