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Generals in skirts

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The play "Generals in Skirts" in Zaporizhia will take place at the Zaporizhia Academic Regional Theater of the Young Spectator.

Why should you go to the theater to the performance "Generals in Skirts" in Zaporizhzhia?

  1. Bright performance in the intriguing genre of intimate investigation.
  2. Colorful images and their brilliant embodiment by talented actors.
  3. A dynamic plot that keeps the viewer's attention until the end.

Comedy performance "Generals in skirts" in Zaporizhzhia

The play is based on a play by the French playwright Jean Anouy. The following worked on the creation of the play:

  • production director – Honored Art Worker of Ukraine Hennadiy Fortus;
  • stage artist Iryna Kohan;
  • musical design - Oleksandr Kucher. The roles are performed by: honored artists of Ukraine Yuriy Dranenko, Kateryna Makoyed, Maria Nestuliy, Lyubov Frygan, Serhiy Tsevelyov, artists Oleg Abakumenko, Nazar Barannikov, Yevgeny Dzyga, Petro Zhelev and others.

Actual and full of surprises production on the stage of the Zaporizhia Youth Theater

The script, written at the end of the last century, remains relevant even today. After all, we are talking about the role of women in society and male dignity. The viewer enters a new reality, where all power structures now have a female face. And only she, the Woman, proved her ability to be honest, impartial, faithful and honest. Does anyone have doubts?! But, it seems, not everything in the new world is so sweet. There are many important questions. In particular, have women become happier and how should a man be now, tied to the pillar of shame? Come and enjoy the comic moments, masterful dialogues and sharp intrigue! The duration of the performance is 2 hours 50 minutes, with an intermission. Are waiting for you!

Where to buy tickets to the performance "Generals in Skirts" in Zaporizhzhia?

A simple and convenient way to order tickets is to order them online on the Concert.ua website.