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Generals in skirts

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Why should I go to the Generals in skirts?

1. The play is decorated with the theater's poster for 25 years, and each time the staging of Irina Klishchevskaya takes place in a crowded hall.
2. Intriguing plot, unexpected turns, comic of the situation caused by feminist sentiments of society
3. The performance was awarded with the diploma "For the best actor ensemble"

The plot of the play by Jean Anuyu is based on the story of the ancient Greek comedy Aristophanes "Lisisterta".

In Kiev, the premiere of "Generals in skirts" took place in March 1990. With this show the "Wheel" theater participated in the Ukrainian-American project "Classical Exchange"; was successfully presented in Ashville (USA); Also, the show went on tour in Poland.

According to the plot of the play in the first action, the protagonist Leon de Saint-Pee (this role is played by Oleg Lepennets) is tied to the pillar. If you count how long the actor stood by the pillar, then an interesting figure - almost 30 days!

For more than 20 years, the performance is a sincere, indomitable laugh at the audience not only of Ukraine, but also of the United States, Poland and other countries.

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