God Is An Astronaut

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Why go to the God Is An Astronaut concert?

1. This opportunity to enjoy live live with the new album of one of the most successful instrumental groups
2. Grand show, live sound, light special effects, new songs and the most memorable hits of the band
3. God Is An Astronaut is a combination of post-rock, ambient, krautrock, space-rock genres that will take you far into space

Fans of post-rock and experimental music, get ready!

They return to Ukraine: God Is An Astronaut will give two concerts in Lviv and Kiev. Be careful, because it's easy to get an explosive charge of adrenaline and positive emotions!

Each performance of God Is An Astronaut is a lively clump of "unearthly" energy, a stunning structured playing on guitars and a proprietary experimental combination of vocals and music. The group has thousands of fans around the world, hurry and you get to this grandiose event and plunge into the atmosphere of "space" rock!

The group was formed by twin brothers Niels and Torsten Kinsella in 2002. At the moment, the GIAA is one of the most successful instrumental groups on a global scale.

They are known for their eclectic combination of juicy sonic landscapes of post-rock and electronic accuracy of kraut-rock. They sound like no other at their level, perhaps like no other in the world.

The very first songs "From Dust to the Beyond" and "The End of the Beginning" gained popularity on MTV UK and other European channels.

In 2018 the group goes on tour in support of its eighth longplayer - "Epitaph".

In their texts, the guys are against war and violence, and preach aesthetic beauty at the subconscious level.

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