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Ugly duck

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Each of us has wings! Each of us is capable of flying! You just need not be afraid of anything! And most importantly - believe in yourself! The performance of the Kiev Academic Puppet Theater convinces us of this.

This is a well-known story about the almost magical transformation of a little duckling who from his very childhood was special, not like everyone else, into a beautiful swan, soaring proudly in the heavenly heights.
A powerful way of representation (not only visual, but also emotional) is flight - the flight of the soul. The main idea of the performance is that each of us is born to fly, each has wings - strong and beautiful. Our goal in life is to be able to reveal them, in spite of everything and no one else. To be a strong spirit and a beautiful soul.

The production directors team can be described as “star”: guest director Mikhail Uritsky (winner of the prestigious Kiev Pectoral-2015 theater award in the Best Direction, Best Dramatic Performance and Best Performance for Children nominations), production designer Nikolay Danko (winner of the "Kiev Pectoral-2015" in the nomination "The Best Set Design").

For such a composition of directors, this is not the first experience of creative collaboration. Repeatedly, the director and artist created performances on the stages of puppet theaters not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. Not for the first time they turn to the fine, almost transparent from their purity of the world of the storyteller Anderson.

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