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The producer center "STAR TIME" presents a fabulous New Year musical for the whole family - "Home Tree"!

You will see with your own eyes the struggle of Santa Claus and his devoted friends with the insidious villain and his faithful minions who will steal New Year from children and adults! You will hear immortal musical world hits in the performance of the superfinalist of the show "Voice of the Kraini"! You will look into the mysterious world where the magic shadows live! On your eyes there will be real miracles, which are possible only in fairy tales! You will certainly make sure that people really know how to fly!

Unforgettable atmosphere of a fairy-tale show for you will create mesmerizing 3D-scenery, surround sound, fantastic lighting design and incredible special effects!

Show "Home Yolka" - give yourself and your children an unforgettable New Year's fairy tale!

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