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It will happen! Russian rummers from The MATRIXX are the most nasty, loud and super-rushing rumors to us! In Ukraine, the megapopular team presents its latest, already sixth album. A concert chip - the legendary hits of the immortal "Agatha Christie". Hurry, and do not say that you have not heard!

The band "The MATRIXX", which plays an alternative synthetic rock, is just about 7 years old. The age is childish, but parents are real rock mammalians! The frontman of the team and its unchanging leader - Gleb Samoilov, the former vocalist of the cult "Agatha Christie". Other members of the category are Dmytro Snake Hakimov (drums), Konstantin Bekrev (keyboards), Valeriy Arkadin (guitar) who played their time at NAIVi and Yang Hanse.

Musicians call the birthday of a new baby on March 12, 2010, when the first composition "The MATRIXX" was sounded under the terrible name "No One Survived". The multimillion army of "Agatha Christie" fans rejoiced, because an alternative rock scene was a worthy continuation of their idols.

The fertility of the newly-created group can envy any team. For seven years, musicians were able to record 5 studio CDs, 6 singles, and take a dozen video clips. And here we are on the verge of the presentation of the last, sixth disc. According to the group's vocalist, the new project sounds in a special, unexpected and very fresh way.

Of course, it will not do without the songs from the Agatha Christie Gold Fund. The guys will happily sang for you non-aging "carpet aircraft", "Opium", "As in the war", "Pirate", "Secret", "I'll kiss the wires" and others.

The courageous, expressive and provocative "The MATRIXX" is looking forward to your grand concert! Order now and wait for a crazy drive!

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