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Why should you go to the play "GolokhvastOFF"?

1. A new unexpected reading of the famous play “For Two Hares”.
2. Actual topics that resonate with each viewer.
3. Vivid acting, which gives an unforgettable experience.

We invite you to the performance “GolokhvastOFF” based on the play “For two hares” by M. Staritsky. Modern view on familiar things and phenomena. Do not miss!

The production genre is farce. So do not wait for the classic story. In the new performance, everything is under the brand name “GolokhvastOFF”: barbershops replaced barbers, bitcoins - receipts, DJs - tapers. Everything has changed. And Golokhvastov is not the one: bald head, numerous “tails”. What's next? Fall in love and stop lying and dodging? Or maybe not…

Waiting for you!

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