Countess Maritsa

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The world-famous operetta by Imre Kalman “Countess Maritsa” is called “Hungarian Rhapsody” due to numerous chardash and Hungarian motifs. The National Operetta of Ukraine received a license from the composer’s legal heirs (daughters - Yvonne Kalman).

“Countess Maritsa” is presented to the viewer in a new interpretation: a converted libretto (by J. Ivanitskaya based on the play by Y. Brammer and A. Grünwald), a completely new poetic text of musical numbers, separate scenes were added, Kalman clavier bills opened, ballet divertisment was introduced ...

The new stage version of “Countess Maritsa” is extremely dynamic, close to the modern viewer. “We have to play about our present day, because there can be no irrelevant phrases in the theater,” said production director Bohdan Strutinsky at the first rehearsal. However, despite the fact that the characters are discussing the "hot" problems of inflation, devaluation, optimization and economic reforms, the viewer will discover the refined atmosphere of noble life, adorned with more than 350 luxurious costumes created for this production. The Hungarian origins of the operetta will be emphasized by the scenography, in which the blue color of absolute harmony dominates, which is often found in the folk costumes of Hungary. The space uses the principle of Hungarian embroidery and the famous Austrian modern. In the second act, in the Orpheum scene, choreographic divertissement is presented as a peculiar Hungarian cancan.

Music "Countess Maritsa" is a series of time-honored hits. At the same time - incredibly difficult to perform. A huge range of solo numbers, detailed mass finals, which are not inferior to the opera. After creating this operetta, Imre Kalman admitted: “The most difficult thing was to write an operetta after“ Countess Maritsa ”!

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