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An extraordinary and too funny comedy!

" Theater is performed not on the stage, but in the soul of the viewer"

The theatrical premiere of the season is a play within a play about the actors we adore and admire. About life, humor and love.

Based on the work of Michael Frein "Noise Behind the Scene".

" Backstage Noise " is the most famous comedy of the British author Michael Frain, which today is very popular both on the European stage and on Broadway.

A group of actors from London is rehearsing a play to soon go on a tour of provincial towns. Each of them has put effort into this project and now sincerely hopes for success. And everything could really be good, but there is one "but"...

Artists are people who are so emotional that they are simply unable to maintain personal relationships behind the scenes, which cover and completely destroy an already "fragile" performance with a stormy flow. Will there be a way out of the situation, which has reached the point of complete comic absurdity?

  • Director - Oleksandr Hannochenko
  • Choreographer - Lidia Soklakova
  • Stylist – Anna Shirobokova
The performance goes on with an intermission, 13+.

Producers - Tetyana Yedemska, Victoria Zhabenko and TE-ART theater agency.

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