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GRAND CHRISTMAS Christmas and New Year Concert by Lords of the Sound Orchestra!

Christmas mood, the spirit of Christmas, the atmosphere of love and the warmth of the family circle will envelop you with the most festive songs and compositions performed by the Lords of the Sound orchestra and invited guests. We all adore this sublime mood so much, when with our whole body you realize the beauty of the moment, when love fills us from the inside and radiates to the whole world. And recreate such a mood under the power of music! The music, which embodies the harmony of Christmas, the holiness of the moment, peace of heart and soul.

Your unforgettable moments on the eve of New Year's Eve will be created by the Lords of the Sound orchestra accompanied by choir, finalists and super finalists of vocal talent shows Margarita Meleshko, Igor Petrov, Yaroslav Radionenko, Colors ballet, as well as invited guests: Tenors Bel`Canto quartet and Volyn folk choir .

Lords will give a lively sound of European Christmas hits and soundtracks to the most beloved New Year movies. You will also be passionate about the fascinating performance of Ukrainian folk carols and generous songs from the Volyn choir. And the real pleasure will add Tenors Bel`Canto. They are a whole unique organism in which 4 unsurpassed voices come together in absolute harmony.

But that's not all! The organizers are preparing surprises and interesting elements that viewers will learn about directly at the Grand Christmas concert from Lords of the Sound! You will fully feel the Ukraine-European flavor, the interweaving of European traditions and the beauty of Ukrainian culture! Let's support the tradition of Europeans to attend Christmas concerts to fill with fabulous moments! Miracles happen to those who believe in them! Therefore, do not deny yourself at least for a couple of hours to plunge into the musical performance of GRAND CHRISTMAS from Lords of the Sound, and the charge of inspiration and spiritual harmony for the whole next year is guaranteed!

The Lords of the Sound Orchestra each concert falls in love with an increasing number of spectators, forming an audience of loyal fans. Visitors call them a “positive orchestra”, they note the open sincerity and charisma of both musicians and conductor Vitaly Sarazhinsky. And their concerts are filled with show components, humor and warm communication with the audience.

Entrust your evening to the Lords of the Sound orchestra, come with loved ones and feel the unity between yourself and the music of a special holiday!

In the concert take part: Lords of the Sound orchestra, orchestra choir, Tenors Bel`Canto quartet, Volyn folk choir.

Soloists: Yaroslav Radionenko, Margarita Meleshko, Igor Petrov.
Conductor: Vitaly Sarazhinskaya.
Producer: Andrey Novatorov.

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