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Grand Premiere

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The "Grand Premiere" performance in Odesa will take place from April 3 to April 4, 2024 at the Musical Comedy Theater (M. Vodiany OATMK).

Why should you go to the theater for the "Grand Premiere" performance in Odessa?

  1. Incredibly funny comedy.
  2. Stars of Ukrainian theater and cinema on stage.
  3. A colorful bouquet of emotions and a powerful charge of positivity for the public.

"Grand Premiere" performance in Odesa

"Grand Premiere" is a performance based on Michael Frein's work "Noise Behind the Scene", which conquered not only the European stage, but also the Broadway audience. The production team included director Oleksandr Hannochenko, choreographer Lidia Soklakova, and stylist Anna Shirobokova. Your favorite actors play in the play:
  • Aram Arzumanyan (series "Crazy Wedding");
  • Valentin Tomusyak (series "Nothing Happens Twice");
  • Vera Kobzar (TV series "Relatives", "Crazy Wedding"; plays "Bachelor's Night", "Faithful Wives");
  • Ihor Rubashkin - Honored Artist of Ukraine;
  • Kateryna Varchenko (TV series "Circle of Deception", "Housewife"; plays "Bachelor's Evening", "Faithful Wives");
  • Oleksandr Hannochenko - People's Artist of Ukraine;
  • Olya Atanasova (TV series "Two Mothers");
  • Svitlana Zolotko - People's Artist of Ukraine (plays "Heart Eaters" and "The First Eight Dates").
The producers are Tetyana Yedemska, Victoria Zhabenko and the TE-ART theater agency.

Life, love and humor in a bright production

Comedy "Grand Premiere" is a real play within a play. This is an opportunity to look behind the scenes of the theater and at the same time have a good laugh. Before you is a troupe of London actors preparing for a tour of small towns. Everyone put a lot of effort into the success of the play. But! Artists are emotional people, sometimes even too much. And the "fragile" performance is already literally doomed due to the quarrel of the participants. So will they be able to find a way out of all this comic absurdity? Come and find out! Duration - 2 hours, with an intermission. For viewers over 13 years old.

Where to buy tickets for the "Grand Premiere" performance in Odessa?

Tickets are already on sale online at Concert.ua.