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Why is it worth going to a concert of the Group Budu?

1. Symbiosis of freedom and musical stereotypes
2. Music, over which and under which it is necessary to think and be inspired
3. Presentation of the new album

Group BUDU presents a new record!

"ChashKachaya" is the second studio album of the team, quite different from what happened with the musical component of the band before. Traditionally, the album was recorded and mixed in London at the Metropolis studio. The recording was attended by Liam James Nolan, who produced "Water Under The Bridge" and "Million years Ago" Adele, awarded the Grammy in 2017. In the role of the sound producer was Maxim Gladetsky.

The BUDU group is a symbiosis of freedom from musical stereotypes, rules and canons with education and incredibly serious approach, romanticism and ease with strong vocal parts and non-standard harmonies, male poetry and sensual performance of the incredible jazz vocalist Anna Kokhanchik. It's music, over which and under which it is worth thinking and inspiring.

The release of the album "ChashKachaya" was announced on March 1.

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