Halloween at the circus

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The Halloween is already very soon - and it's time to decide how to celebrate the mysterious and crazy nights of 2018!

On October 31 and November 1, the circus world will reincarnate to a creepy setting where quirky characters, deadly, crazy, from which the blood from the spectators will reign, reign. We bring you in the era of ecclesias and conquerors who reigned in the 17th century and wanted to take possession of human hearts in order to dominate the idols and priests in the universe.

In these dinners - the playpen - is not a place for humorous speeches, the play is full of horror and courage. As living scenery and in order to recreate the necessary atmosphere will work professional circus artists, air gymnasts, acrobats, as well as magical illusionists. The circus lounge will turn into an amusement park with mystical locations and scenery, where you can make the worst sephi to share your holiday mood with friends.

A unique project designed for those who want to dip into the atmosphere of mysticism and insanity with their heads.

Celebration of Halloween will take place without the participation of animals!

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