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"I play someone else's life like my own, and therefore I play my own game like someone else's"

The premiere took place on September 11, 2016.

To date, in the world there are many various versions of who actually wrote immortal sonnets and plays, hiding under the pseudonym William Shakespeare. Versions that the woman or the crowned person wrote under this name and became the basis of the director's decision of the play "Hamlet" at the Khat Theater. Thus, it is built on the abbreviated version of the play "Hamlet" in various translations and sonnets by William Shakespeare. The unprecedented reading of the classic masterpiece of world drama has been based not only on irrepressible creative imagination, but also on historical authenticity.

History knows the facts, when the royal couple to retain power in the hands of the dynasty during the severe Middle Ages, when a female child was born, she had to raise a girl as a boy, and present it to everyone as a prince so that she could inherit the crown.

The epigraph to the performance takes on a special meaning in the context of a new vision of the plot. On the one hand - it's about actors, and on the other hand, as a victim of political intrigues, a bright gifted person is forced to play someone else's role all his life and live not his own destiny. How low can we fall and how to rise high in the fight against the evil that is in ourselves, is there such a mystery that can be hidden from everyone, is it possible to deceive the All-Seeing Eye, to be or not to be, what is love, what is real friendship and the Day of Joy that will happen to us after death - all of these questions the authors of the performance offer their answers.

In Khat's interpretation, the play "Hamlet" is a very very bright story about the perishability of the material world and the immortality of our soul, creativity and all the good that we leave on this earth. A funny and mystical, detective and philosophical actor's attitude, a quote from the central monologue of the main character in modern translation determined the genre of the production - a laughingstock. The bright memory of the poet and screenwriter Oleg Reppinsky is dedicated to this performance. "I want everyone at my funeral to laugh and be happy!" - he once said.

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