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Hare Krishna - Mantra, Movement and Swami

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We invite fans of films about real events to an incredibly interesting show. You will be presented with a picture called "Hare Krishna - Mantra, Movement and Swami."

So. 1965 was marked by massive unrest in the United States. At the same time, Prabhupada comes to New York from India, the unassuming 70-year-old Swami. He speaks with the youth that there are few political or social revolutions - in fact, a mass revolution of consciousness is needed. His concept captures the minds of many, including musician George Harrison. Soon Prabhupada's movement is gaining momentum, and his followers (Hare Krishnas), performing dances and songs on the streets, become recognizable.

But not all of the excessive zeal of young people is enthusiastic. The more followers of Prabhupada's movement become, the more those who consider this a dangerous sect. And who is right in this dispute?

You will find a truthful story about a revolutionary who causes stormy discussions. The filmmakers will show archival videos about Prabhupada, as well as interviews with his first followers. The picture will take you backstage movement, which was born in the intellectual creative and environment of New York's Bowery, the "Mecca" of the hippy Haight-Ashbury, among the Beatles Mania of London ...

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