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Magical adventures of St. Nicholas

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The play "The Magical Adventures of Saint Nicholas" will take place in Ukrainian cities from December 12, 2023 to January 4, 2024.

Why should you go to the theater to the play "The Magical Adventures of Saint Nicholas"?

  1. Bright multimedia show for children and adults.
  2. Fascinating plot and favorite characters.
  3. A unique opportunity to participate in the creation of miracles with a magic wand in hand.

Children's performance "The Magical Adventures of St. Nicholas" in your city

We invite everyone to a unique multimedia performance for children "The Magical Adventures of St. Nicholas"! A professional script, talented actors, spectacular costumes and the use of modern technologies will make this day unforgettable!

An incredible journey through the land of winter adventures in the company of good friends

Real New Year's miracles will just happen before your eyes. And the most interesting thing is that every viewer will become a participant in incredible events with the help of controlled interactive gadgets - magic wands, which were first presented at prestigious European shows. Everything will happen, of course, by the New Year. It is at this time that Saint Nicholas is waiting for children's letters to read them and prepare gifts for the little ones. And when the letters are collected and put in the Snowman's sled, Solokha intervenes. She smashes the Snowman, steals letters, and the most anticipated holiday is in danger... Brave Snowflake and brave Handsome Bunny rush to save the New Year. And in their search for Solokha, they are helped by the Postman, the King, the Ostriches and, of course, the audience. Together with the characters of the play, children will pick up the Christmas tree, conjure up snow and look for Solokha. They will definitely overcome all difficulties and return the letters to St. Nicholas. Each child will be able to take a photo as a memory in the bright photo zone, and will also receive a gift certificate from the "Antoshka" chain of stores! The age of the audience is unlimited. Before meeting!

Where to buy tickets for the performance "The Magical Adventures of Saint Nicholas"?

Order tickets today on the Concert.ua website.

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