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The performance HAROSHIRU in Dnipro will take place in the Dnipro National Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater named after T. G. Shevchenko.

Why should you go to the theater for the performance of HAROSHIRU in Dnipro?

  1. A new modern performance based on the play of a classic of Ukrainian literature.
  2. An unexpected revelation of a familiar plot.
  3. Important reflections and conclusions for the public.

Performance HAROSHIRU in Dnipro

HAROSHIRU is a new work of the Donetsk Theater (Mariupol) based on Mykola Kulish's play "Mina Mazaylo". The actors of the Mariupol Theater present a modern vision of the classic work. The creative director is director Oleg Melnychuk.

New features of the famous work on the Dnipro stage

The production immerses the viewer in the events of the period from the 20s of the 20th century to the year 2025. Special attention is paid to the phantasmagoric in revealing the main theme. "Kharoshi" are the ones you immediately thought of: those who "gave" us language, mind, and culture. Those who are sure: they have the right to teach us, because we are inferior and weak. It is no secret that the issue of the Ukrainian language and culture was relevant even before the appearance of Mykola Kulish's play. However, the creators of the play used exactly this classic plot, which most vividly, using the example of the antipodes of Mina and his son Mokiy, demonstrates the confrontation between "good" and sincere Ukrainians. And what will be the result of this duel - we suggest you find out from the performance. Are waiting for you!

Where to buy tickets for the HAROSHIRU performance in Dnipro?

You can buy tickets online at any time convenient for you. To do this, go to Concert.ua.