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Rapper HAS will arrange a "wild duck" with his solo concerts

Are you ready for a crazy release of adrenaline, drive and uncontrollable emotions?

Meet one of the hottest Ukrainian beatmakers - the charismatic rapper Khas with a solo concert

Participant of the "Ukraine has talent" project, "X-factor" finalist, winner of the "Song of the Year 2021" music award, TV and radio presenter, initiator and author of social projects. Only during the war, the hip-hop performer took part in about 100 charity events. HAS and his team organized a tour of Ukraine with charity concerts in support of the Ukrainian army and to raise funds for the needs of our military on the front lines.

After the success of the single "Guerrillas" (it has more than 1.3 million views on YouTube and more than 360 thousand listens on Spotify), HAS created a mini-album of rebel and partisan songs "The Story of Old Lion". And later he released the single "Well, wait!" about artists who continue to work from the Russian Federation.

His songs break the charts and gain millions of views on YouTube. More than 52 thousand listeners on Spotify "hang" on the TOP tracks of HAS. In particular, the official video for the focus track from the album "Ne prodam" in a duet with the singer Shhozha entered the top ten and did not leave YouTube trends.

And recently, HAS pleased its listeners with a real creative gift - the release of a new full-length album "0322", tracks from which you will be able to hear live very soon.

It will be a special musical evening meeting with people who have something to remember together, something to share and something to be silent about, with whom you will never forget who you really are. " You are who you are when you remain sincere and real and can carry and keep throughout your entire journey the most valuable lessons that life has given you ," the artist is convinced.

Don't miss the driving and at the same time extremely atmospheric concert by the rapper Khas

His high emotional concentration will go off the scale.

Come and experience!

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