Do oxen roar when the creche is full? 16+

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Why should you go to the play "Do oxen roar when the creche is full?"

1. Statement based on the novel by Panas Mirny raises sharp themes that are relevant at all times.
2. A talented acting makes you empathize and helps to look right into the soul of the characters.
3. The play teaches thinking and answering complex philosophical questions.

The theater in Podol invites you to the play “Do oxen roar when the nursery is full” based on the famous novel by the leading Ukrainian prose, Panas Mirny. The script was written by Vitaliy Zhezhera.

Come to make sure: the topics raised in the novel of the XIX century, relevant and understandable to modern man. Indeed, at all times, people ask themselves the question: why are honest and courageous thieves and murderers? And how can you live when everyone turned away from you?

The premiere of the play took place on November 8, 2018.

Director - People's Artist of Ukraine, winner of the National Prize. Taras Shevchenko Vitaly Malakhov.