I want to go to Paris

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Why go to the play "I want to go to Paris"?

1. For all lovers of Paris
2. This performance will plunge you into dreams
3. Presentation will give a ticket to childhood

Vladimir Golosnyak. Solo performance based on the work of M. Weller “I want to go to Paris”

- I want to go to Paris again.
- Have you ever been there?
- No, but I once wanted ...

A mono-play based on the story of the same name by M. Weller “I want to go to Paris” is the story of a “little” Soviet man, full of good humor, from a provincial town who throughout his life tried to fulfill his big dream - to visit Paris.

A provincial boy with the god of a forgotten town fell ill with longing for his homeland. For the motherland that he chose for himself. For one and a half hours, the spectators, along with the hero, live a whole human life, the ordinary life of a Soviet person. School, vocational school, army, technical school, factory, marriage, apartment, children, longing, drunkenness, retirement ... But in this gray routine the hero has France. The dream of onion soup and frog legs, lingerie lace and Parisian chic. About songs Montana, Aznavour and Dassin. And, of course, about the Musketeers' honor, because it all began with her. One for all and all for one!

Performance plays: h. but. Of Ukraine Vladimir Golosnyak
Directed by: Vladimir Golosnyak, Ivan Soroka
Multimedia: Alexander Chernyshev, Matvey Chernyshev
Decoration Irina Golosnyak

The performance in one act, is in the Ukrainian language.

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