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I want to marry

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Why go to the show "Want to get married"?

1. Learn how to push a man to marriage.
2. Restore the memory of the works of the great Chekhov.
3. Laugh and cry.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself on the show. You're almost there!

Do not miss any signage? Then you have to be on this show! Well, to those who have not been in the Temple of Melpomene for a long time, we simply insist on such a statement. This is the best opportunity to resume your visit to the theater!

At the heart of the comedy-vaudeville "I want to get married" - the play A.P. Chekhov's "Proposal" and the story "A guide for those who want to marry." Roles are performed by Alina Karpenko, Maksim Pecherytsya, Vyacheslav Stanishevsky, Sergei Solopay.

The events of the show unfold around the romantic relations of the main characters - Ivan Vasilyevich Lomov and his neighbors Natalia Stepanovna. What binds them? According to the plan and firm decision of Lomov - the bonds of marriage. My husband finally made an important decision and is ready to link his future with a unique and unique ... or not? The question is simple, but the answer will have to wait. And such curiosities and intricacies in the comedy "I want to get married" will be great!

The viewer will be curious to watch the development of the play. The play is full of jokes and humor. And the lyrical passions between the characters are heated against the background of songs and dances. With the participation of the Big Yellow Band jazz jazz orchestra and Kyiv Jazz Theater. The play is in Ukrainian.

Having watched this show, many will be able to get unexpected answers to complex life issues. Come - think and laugh!

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