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Cold heart - 2

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Cold Heart-2 will take place in Odesa thanks to ZSU! On January 3, a bright New Year's performance "Cold Heart-2" will be held at the Musical Comedy Theater in Odesa.

Why should you go to the New Year's performance "Cold Heart-2" in Odessa?

  1. An enchanting continuation of the favorite story of children and adults.
  2. Popular heroes and modern special effects.
  3. A great gift for your obedient children.

New Year's performance for the whole family "Cold Heart-2" in Odessa

On January 3, we invite everyone to the Musical Comedy Theater for the exciting New Year's performance "Cold Heart-2"! A professional team of artists will arrange for the audience to meet their favorite characters and immerse them in the colorful world of New Year's adventures.

Give your children an unforgettable experience!

Tickets can be ordered online.

Bright author's version of the popular fairy-tale plot: on the stage of the Music Comedy Theater - the play "Frozen Heart-2"

"Frozen 2" is a continuation of the interesting journey of the popular heroes - Anna, Helga, Elsa, the boy Kristoff and his faithful reindeer Sven, the cheerful snowman Olaf and others. Friends are waiting for incredible adventures in the Enchanted Forest, a meeting with the inhabitants of Northundra, stone monsters and spirits of the forest.

"Frozen 2" is a new author's version of the well-known fairy tale, spectacular costumes and scenery, 3D mapping and state-of-the-art technologies. Come and get unforgettable impressions!

See you!

Where to buy tickets to the performance "Cold Heart-2" in Odessa?

Order tickets for the performance "Cold Heart-2" in Odesa on the Concert.ua website.

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Cold heart 2

03 January 2023 11:00

Odesa, Odessa Academic Theatre of Musical Comedy

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from 3 EUR

Cold heart 2

03 January 2023 14:00

Odesa, Odessa Academic Theatre of Musical Comedy

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from 3 EUR