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The immortal story of the cartoon and fairy tales of Anderson and the “Snow Queen” will appear before the viewer in a completely new role: the production center “Made in Odessa” will show a real show for adults and children - “Frozen”.

The plot of the highest-grossing animated film by Walt Disney is familiar to everyone. But we will unveil the curtain of spectacular events, and also show something that cannot be seen on the big screen.

This is not the first year that the performance “Frozen” has successfully toured Europe and amazes with its extraordinary nature.

The scale of the show is impressive: about 40 characters on stage. Heroes appear on the scene that the viewer has not encountered before: trolls, wolves, living Christmas trees.

The integral elements of the performance are amazing costumes, acrobatic stunts, colorful scenery, modern choreography, and beautiful music, interactive games.

The magical extravaganza takes you into the world of a fairy tale, filled with faith in miracles, love, good. What will turn out to be stronger: warm hearts or cold calculation - you will learn by experiencing a cycle of events with the heroes.

Give your child a magical journey to the kingdom of Arendelle.

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