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Why should you go to the play "Bachelor"?

1. Find in the production something of its own, close and consonant.
2. To penetrate the actual topics and try to give their answers to difficult questions.
3. To appreciate the extraordinary humor of the heroes of the play.

In the Small Hall of the Palace of Ukraine the premiere of the romantic comedy "Bach" will take place in the production of the Other Theater. Such a date and such an event is the best reason to get aesthetic pleasure in the company of a loved one.

Bach "- a production by Gennady Shirochenko based on the texts of Hanoch Levin. Heroes of comedy stories are two girls and their unexpectedly appeared suitors. Where else can you expect fun, you ask. Oh, what are only the names of the characters: Znayduh, Pukitsa, Bulba, Gaunino! Immediately it is clear that without unexpected moves and spectacle here can not do.

The main dilemma facing the heroes of the production is whether a wife is needed at all, for what and how should one choose a companion of life: the heart or ...? All these reflections at all do not accelerate the transition of men from the status of a bachelor to the status of a spouse. But soon, perhaps, everything will change. And in what ways bachelors will come to true love, you will learn about this from a bright performance.

The roles are performed by Taisia Zhosan, Derkach Dasha, Oleg Lomtev, Andrei Lyaturinsky.

Performance - for the audience 18+

Another Theater is a living language of narration and only relevant topics. Author's projects of the team have no analogues.

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