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Monk Choir performs rock

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Why is it worth going to the concert "Monk Choir performs rock"?

1. This is an interesting project that will surprise you.
2. Feel an incomparable musical experience!
3. Visit the alternative reality of rock.

An unusual rock concert awaits you!

Surprisingly, sometimes the most extreme alternative is the closest to your home. The community of connoisseurs of rock music is much wider than you might imagine. In places unknown, in the world of hermits, where the bonds of globalization have not penetrated, there are also people who have an authentic rock talent and academic knowledge in its history.

It is considered that rock is the musical direction of protest. This project represents a protest in relation to the concept of sound. It is interesting that the monks managed not only to preserve the essence of the songs, but also to ennoble them. And even more - to open the meaning, lying on the surface and therefore become zamylennym and imperceptible.

The choir gives a new life to the music, inspired by the heart and mind, created by the most talented people of the planet. For you will sound songs that have long been included in the golden rock fund of humanity. This is harmony and classics, without which it is impossible to live.

The concert will not allow rock music to become an ordinary, boring story. When salt loses its strength, it becomes poison.

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