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Who are you Max?

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Who among us in life at least once (or rather more than once) has not found himself in front of conditional stones at the intersection of three roads? "You will go to the left..." - you will find happiness... "You will go to the right..." - you will reap fame... "You will go straight..." - you will knock your legs... And I chose the right path!
So the hero of the play - Max - finds himself at a crossroads. What awaits him? Career? Love? Hobby? Are there steep turns, deep pits and a dangerous abyss?... What will help on the way? Alcohol?.. Drugs?.. Or maybe a loved one?
All these questions and the answers to them are in the performance "Who are you, Max?", presented in the project of the Theater on Mykhailivska "DEBUT". This time the debutant is a young director, actor, singer and mime Max Gordy.