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And only death will part us

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Why is it worth going to the play "And only death will part us"?

1. This is not just a comedy! This is a subtle humor and brilliant performance of great artists.
2. This is an unpredictable plot and uncontrollable laughter of the audience.
3. This is a show that cannot be missed. This is genius!

“And only death will part us” by Aldo Nicolai. Comedy in 2 acts

Eve is a femme fatale in the full sense of the word. Smart, charming, passionate and adventurous. Every man secretly dreams of such a woman. And Bruno was lucky. He meets Eve. But our hero does not yet suspect what awaits him ...

This little thing will take the poor guy through all the circles of hell - through a car accident and a trauma clinic, a prison and an insane asylum. She will merge into Bruno's life to the core. And all of this is due to a carefully planned assassination project. After all, Eve has a legitimate husband, a discreet and wise Mario, and he interferes with the personal happiness of the heroes ... The murder plan becomes more perfect and more perfect every day ...

How will this comic thriller end? Be sure to check it out!

Starring: Konstantin Kostishin, Ekaterina Kisten, Ostap Stupka
Stage Director: Valery Astakhov
Artistic director: Evgeny Paperny
Producer: Oleg Shpanchuk

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