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Why go to the IC3PEAK concert?

1. To hear the tracks of the new album called "Sweet Life".
2. Evaluate the entire strength of the audio-video tandem.
3. Kayfonut in the atmosphere of this "sound terrorism".

IC3PEAK - more successful than others was able to convert belated fashion to HIV-house and gloomy raves of the mid-2000s into persuasive and independent music.

IC3PEAK with the presentation of the album "Sweet Life". There will definitely be a maximum overload of digital industrial-pop, as you like!

For IC3PEAK, it was not difficult to take the reanimated elements of the HIV house, the gloomy raves of the "zero" ones and turn them into a demanded independent music. And now the tracks of IC3PEAK can not only be listened to, they always want to dance under them. In general, there are all opportunities for quality rest. Yes, and there will definitely be the same branded videoart without which no IC3PEAK concert takes place.

"Sweet Life" will come soon, we are waiting for everyone!

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