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Egoist. Perfect strangers

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Old friends gathered at the festive table. They have long been friends with families and, of course, have no secrets from each other… Do they have? Or they pretend that they are always telling the truth to a loved one, but in reality they have something to hide.
So, as you have already understood, "Ideal Strangers" is a very interesting idea and its effective implementation. To demonstrate their openness, friends start the game when all messages and phone calls need to be answered over the speakerphone. And this, of course, immediately separates falsehood from sincerity. Still very simple!
The play will encourage everyone to think about whether we know our loved one so well. Caution: the answer may be impressive.

Cast: Iryna Bibik, Maria Makhotina, Vitaliy Kobets, Albert Malik, Yevhen Arabadzhiysky, Heorhiy Povolotsky, Dmytro Chernolichenko.
Directed by Vladimir Khokhlov.

The performance takes place in compliance with all quarantine requirements.
The play is in Russian

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