Iphigenia. Apotheosis

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"A time to love, and a time to hate; time for war, and time for peace. "
The Book of Ecclesiastes 3: 8

Performance "Iphigenia. Apotheosis "created by director Dmitry Kostyuminsky and composer Alexei Retinsky in the theater TEO. The basis was the classical Greek tragedy of Euripides "Iphigenia in Tauris" with new conditions for theatrical utterance: modern dramatic and visual language, rapprochement of the actor and spectator, the stylistic synthesis of Greek choruses and live electronic music.

Is Iphigenia a victim?
Is Iphigenia a priestess?
Iphigenia is a loving sister?

The Argosite king Agamemnon had three children: the eldest daughter of Iphigenia, the middle daughter of Elektra and the youngest son of Orestes. When the Greek army went on a campaign against Troy, the goddess Artemis demanded that Agamemnon sacrifice her daughter Iphigenia. Agamemnon did this, but at the last moment Artemis took pity and saved her life, and replaced her with a fallow deer, and the girl was sent to distant Tavrida, where she became a priestess in the temple.

In the era of latent information warfare, changes in the social structure and geopolitical redistribution of the existing borders of Iphigenia, serving the goddess, she fights on the last barricades of the vanishing world. Iphigenia must prepare for the death of all strangers who are brought into these parts. And then one day, many years later, during the rite of the Apotheosis, two friends fall into captivity. One of them turns out to be her own brother Orestes ...


Text: Euripides (adaptation by Dmitry Kostyumin)
Director: Dmitry Kostyuminsky
Composer and Live electronic: Alexey Retinsky
Scenography: Dmitry Kostyuminsky
Graphic and visual part: Ruslan Isaulenko, BLCK / BOX, Dmitry Kostyuminsky
Light: Dmitry Kostyuminsky
Costumes: Dmitry Kostyuminsky
Producer: Julia Yun

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