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Why is it worth going to Igor Zavadsky's concert?

1. Salt of the best virtuoso accordionist of Ukraine.
2. New hits performed by the author.
3. You have not heard such an accordion yet!

On May 22nd and 23rd we invite to the Kiev House of Actor to the stunning concerts of the most talented accordion virtuoso Igor Zavadsky dedicated to the accordion's birthday and the presentation of the new, 13th album, musician - "Vivat 13!".

Do not ignore this event - similar is simply not foreseen! Igor Zavadsky conquered not only his native country, but also abroad, having managed to present his incredible music to many countries of the world: France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Iceland, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, USA , Canada, Ireland and others.

1400 sols, 93 cities of Ukraine and dozens of countries in which he spoke - just dry statistics. All the "salt" - in his incredibly emotional and utterly virtuosic performance, the ability to feel the instrument! Not for nothing Igor - the owner of the "Gold Medal", the three highest prizes of the "Golden Lira" (the only one in the world!) And got into the Guinness Book of Records.

The tradition to hold concerts-festivals for the accordion's birthday Igor Zavadsky laid in May 2004. This year the accordion is 189 years old. Usually on the birthday of his favorite instrument Igor invites to perform on stage the best talented accordionists of Ukraine. This year will not be an exception. In addition to domestic artists, the arrival of one of the best accordionists of France is expected, whose name Igor still keeps a secret!

Legacy accordionist with the new album "Viva, 13!" for today is already 13 albums and 20 CD.

This is how the musician comments on his new album, based on the works performed in a duet with the organ: "For the first time I have two albums released in one year: the first album with classical music was released, for the first time in my jubilee, 20th CD, duets with the organ are recorded.The modern accordion is a kind of portable organ that you can carry with you.The accordion is more dynamic in sound than the organ.I am sure that in the near future, already about the accordion, and not about the organ, they will speak like the king of musical tools.

Since recently, the figure "13" has become for me happy. My 13th album includes masterpieces of world classics, in the creation of which 13 composers participated. Vivat, 13! ".

Since autumn 2003, the musician has been performing every month in the House of Actor, thus new concerts will already be 122 and 123!

The program of the two May concerts will feature the most favorite hits in Zavadsky's authoring, which are included in the new album "Viva, 13!". Among them - "Seasons" by A. Vivaldi, "Ave Maria" by F. Schubert, J. Caccini and S. Gounod, works by I.S. Bach, "Palladio" by K. Jenkins, "Oblivion" by A. Piazzolla ... Do not miss it!

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