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Toy for mom

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Why it is worth going to the play "Toy for Mom"?

1. Performance based on the play by the famous Italian playwright Aldo Nicolai.
2. The eternal theme of fathers and children.
3. The narrative is woven from funny and sad situations.

The main theme of the performance is the relationship between mother and daughter. In this lies the sharpness of staging intrigue. What can cause excessive maternal love and fear of loneliness?

Probably, there is no love on earth stronger than the love of a mother for her child. All-forgiving, accepting and understanding entirely. Such love can protect from danger, save from evil, heal wounds. However, there is a reverse side of the coin. Mother's love is monstrously selfish. Then it does not allow the natural process to take place when an adult child becomes independent.

Mother sincerely and strongly loves her daughter. But only so far she is small. While she is in her power. And now the frail, aged mother is now mortally afraid of loneliness. Seeing how the adult daughter is trying to arrange her own fate, she begins to wage an irreconcilable and tough struggle. With whom? Of course, with your child. With the personality of the daughter, with her "I". And the goal of this struggle is love, which, in the opinion of the mother, should continue to belong entirely to her.

At the heart of the performance is the detective story of the play “Have You Never Ride a Camel?” Aldo Nicolai.
Scenography and direction - Grigory Ziskin (Canada).
Drama in one act lasts 1 hour and 10 minutes.