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Why go to the play of Illusion?

1. A whimsical mix of detective, love drama and comedy
2. The play successfully goes on European stages.
3. Everything that happens on the stage is driven by love

Once upon a time there were two happy married couples. They say about such people - an ideal family and envy their unreal happiness. And now it's time to die ... And suddenly it turned out that their unrealistic family happiness was only ... an illusion?

Witty and wise love story, which can not be ordered and with which there is no opportunity to fight. What drives a person: feelings or mind? And if you chose between old friendship and new love, what would you choose? And if this is a new love - the wife of a friend? It's all difficult, you say ... But in fact, very, very simple, because love will put everything in its place.

Four stars of the Ukrainian theater and cinema - Vitalina Bibliv, Olesya Zhurakovskaya, Alexey Nadrudny and Dmitry Rybalevsky play in the performance. In their performance, this story turns into fireworks of wit and a bright garland of shrill monologues about true feelings.

You have not seen "Illusions"? Do not lose the pleasure of learning about this world a little more!

The author: Ivan Vyrypaev
Director: Stas Zhirkov
Actors: Alexey Nadrudny, Vitalina Bibliv, Olesya Zhurakovskaya, Dmitry Rybalevsky