The Empire of the Angels

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Why is it worth going to the play The Empire of the Angels?

1. Get an emotional knockdown
2. Observe the intertwining of profound philosophy and subtle irony
3. Enjoy the professional game and modern music

In Europe, the name of Bernard Verber on the cover of the book means only one thing - a masterpiece! "Empire of Angels" - one of the most sensational books of the French writer.

The main character goes to heaven, where he is forced to work as a guardian angel. In his charge there are two diverse human souls: one of them is a French writer, with an unpredictable character and a delicate, vulnerable psyche, the other is a Russian interpreter, whom the protagonist knew on earth. Step by step the characters overcome difficult situations and achieve their goals. But each of them ahead of the main challenges await, to cope with which - the most difficult task even for angels ...

Actors: A. Zhilyakov, R. Zhirov, M, Kozyulin, A. Shpilev, Y. Zabutnaya.
Directed by: S. Aksyonov.

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