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Every day we hear and see many stories from the lives of different people, some pass us by, others stay with us, turning into music in our ears, words on our lips, rhythms in our hearts.

Every day we see OTHERS and we don't know if there is a place for them among us?

What makes them DIFFERENT? Were they just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Life circumstances turned out to be stronger than them? Can someone help them? Can a person himself stop the violence inflicted on him?

Every day we make a choice to act or to be on the sidelines?

To speak or to be silent?

As you walk your way through life, stop for a moment.

Remember where it all started?

Think about what we are here for.

Look who is next to us.

Hear those who are "OTHER" ... they sing, their voices sound deep and convincing, their rhythms make you move, their stories are worth hearing!

Or maybe yours will be among them?

"DRU-Gii" - stand for happiness. Love. of love Regards Believe trust Advantages, with their downfalls. Discoveries. Revelations. secret Closures. Scars They stand for faith and love.

Come to the storytelling concert "DRU-Giya", get closer!