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The brightest event of May - the official closing ceremony of the International Internet Film Festival Independent Star will be held in Kyiv on May 20-25.

Hundreds of interesting film productions, watches, stars of the jury are a new phenomenon of the Film Festival, which will take place in the fourth time. It will feature films that affect societies through social, art and film productions.

And by the push, the creation of the Film Festival was the arrest of Oleg Sentsov, a Ukrainian filmmaker who was illegally sentenced for 25 years ...

The first event was opened in Spain. Each time this is always a new and interesting socially important issue, such as children's football or the acute moments of human life in 68 countries.

"This year more than 600 works were submitted to the Film Festival. Of these, viewers on the Internet were able to see 180 works online on the open access page.

Mission and theme of the Fourth Festival remind us that we live on the same planet Earth. Climate change is what affects humans and animals around the world. Ecology of thinking, ecology of life, responsible attitude to the planet ", - said Olena Yaremchuk, president of the Independent Star International Internet Film Festival.

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