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Why is it worth going to Іrina Fedishin concert?

1. Іrina Fedishin with the country's main Christmas show, Ukraine Caroling, and her favorite hits.
2. Her concerts are mega shows.
3. This is a show that will give you a positive charge for the whole year!

Meet a great Christmas event - a concert-show of Іrina Fedishin, these are carols in modern processing with fantastic performances of numbers. In addition, Irina will also perform her favorite songs.

Іrina Fedishin is considered a musical phenomenon in the Ukrainian show business. Her music is fascinating and creates a great mood. Irina is the author of most of the songs she performs. Today in her work a lot of bright clips, six successful albums.

The singer has already conquered the Kiev public, and having traveled from Lviv to Kharkov, she once again proved that she has a great love of the public.

Experts recognized her show as one of the best Christmas projects in Ukraine. Not at all surprising, because the previous shows of the singer were held in 80 cities with sold out. The concert program, on which worked several directors. In each of the blocks, Іrina Fedishin, who is able to skillfully combine modern musical style and high-quality song with Ukrainian motifs, appeared completely different: from clothes to genres in the repertoire.

The singer and her team have prepared for fans of large-scale scenery, light show, as well as colorful costumes. Virtually every song was accompanied by a kind of theatrical production.

Christmas extravaganza of 2019, which is not forgotten. Can you imagine what a Christmas fairy tale with Irina Fedishin is?

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