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Why is it worth going to the performance "Portal"?

1. The play was created according to one of the most famous plays in the world - "The Hotel between Two Worlds" by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt.
2. This is a comedy that talks about deep, sacred things, but does it easily and naturally.
3. The performance tells one of the most romantic love stories.

The ironic comedy "Portal" performed by actors of the theater-studio Veritas

The main character, leaving home after dinner, finds himself in a strange hotel, where all the residents resemble crazy people. However, the most surprising of them is the mysterious Doctor S. Who is this Doctor? And what does he do at the hotel? That is what Julien will need to know.

The ironic comedy "Portal" was created based on the play by Eric Emmanuel-Schmitt "Hotel between two worlds." This work is an ironic look at the eternal questions of mankind about the meaning of human existence on Earth, and is there life after death?

The premiere of the performance took place on May 20, 2018.

Performance duration 2 hours with intermission

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