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Ivo Bobul. A concert in support of the ZSU

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The artist, whose unique timbre of voice cannot be confused with any other, invites you to the world of Her Majesty's Song!

Ivo Bobul is a people's artist not only by title, but also by the recognition of the people. Many songs from his repertoire are rightly recognized as golden pop hits, because it is difficult to find a person in Ukraine who has not heard "The Well of the Soul", "The Moon Wheel", "The Shore of Love", "If you love - love", "I will return to Ukraine" , "Autumn Garden", "Fiddler", "Madonna Ukraine!", "One and Only"...

An experienced musician, a vocalist of the highest level, a composer who does not just create music, but also lives by it, and just an honest, open person who is aware of all the responsibility to the public - this is how Ivo Bobula is known to thousands of fans.

You are waiting for: a unique atmosphere of sincere communication, live sound, male voice number one, to which all musical styles are subject, and energy that will not leave anyone indifferent.

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